RTU Question Paper 2022 for B.E/B.Tech All Subjects/All Semester PDF Download

The B.Tech. Branch-Wise RTU Question Paper is listed below: So every student you can download the RTU B.E/B.Tech All Subjects Previous Year Question Papers (All Semesters) with just a single click. If you have any others Rajasthan Technical University B.E/B.Tech Previous Year Question Papers then please email us to help others.

RTU First Year – 1st Semester All Branches Question Papers

Question Paper PDF
Communicative English Question Paper
Engineering Mathematics – I Question Paper
Engineering Physics – I Question Paper
Engineering Chemistry Question Paper
Basic Electrical & Electronic Engineering Question Paper

RTU First Year – 2nd Semester All Branches Question Papers

Paper CodeQuestion Paper PDF
2E2001Communication Techniques Question Paper
2E2002Engineering Mathematics-II Question Paper
2E2003Engineering Physics-II Question Paper
2E2004Chemistry and Environmental Engineering Question Paper
2E2005Engineering Mechanics Question Paper
2E2006Fundamental of Computer Programming Question Paper

Second Year – 3rd Semester All Branches/Subjects RTU Question Paper

BranchPaper CodeQuestion Paper PDF
Civil Engineering3E1621Strength of Material – I 
3E1622Civil Engineering Materials
3E1623Engineering Geology
3E1624Construction Technology
3E1625Fluid Mechanics
3E1626Advanced Engineering Mathematics
Computer Science And Information Technology3E1651Electronic Device & Circuits
3E1652Data Structure and Algorithm
3E1654Object-Oriented Programming
3E1655Fundamental of Linux Shell Programming
3E1656Advanced Engineering Mathematics
Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering3E1641Electronic Device & Circuits
3E1612Data Structure & Algorithm
3E1614Circuits Analysis & Synthesis
3E1615Electromagnetic Properties of Materials
3E1616Advanced Engineering Mathematics
Electrical Engineering3E1641Electronic Device & Circuits
3E1642Circuit Analysis – I
3E1653Digital Electronics
3E1654Object-Oriented Programming
3E1645Electrical Machines – I
3E1646Advanced Engineering Mathematics
Mechanical Engineering3E1631Mechanics of Solids
3E1632Material Science and Engineering
3E1633Engineering Thermodynamics
3E1634Manufacturing Process
3E1635Object-Oriented Programming in C++
3E1636Advanced Engineering Mathematics

Second Year – 4th Semester All Branches/Subjects RTU Question Paper

BranchPaper CodeQuestion Paper PDF
Mechanical Engineering4E4140Kinematics of Machines
4E4141Fluid Mechanics & Machines
4E4142Machining & Machine Tools
4E4143Design of Machine Elements-I
4E4144Industrial Engineering
4E4145I.C. Engines
Electrical Engineering4E2112Computer Programming-II
Electrical Engineering,
Electronics And Communication Engineering
4E4120Analog Electronics
Electronics And Communication Engineering4E4131Random Variables & Stochastic Process
4E4132Electronic Measurements & Instrumentation
4E4133Electromagnetic Field Theory
4E4134Optimization Techniques
Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, BM, AI, EC, EI4E2090Object-Oriented Programming
Civil Engineering4E4111Strength of Materials-II
4E4112Concrete Technology
4E4113Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machines
4E4115Building Planning
4E4116Quantity Surveying & Valuation
Electrical Engineering4E4120Analog Electronics
4E4172Circuit Analysis-II
4E4122Electrical Measurements
4E4174Generation of Electrical Power
4E4175Electrical Machines-II
4E4176Advanced Engineering Mathematics-II
Computer Science And Information Technology4E4160Microprocessor and Interfaces
4E4161Discrete Mathematical Structures
4E4162Statistics & Probability Theory
4E4163Software Engineering
4E4164Principles of Communication
4E4165Principal of Programming Languages
Biomedical engineering, EC, EI, EX4E2149Digital Electronics

Third Year – 5th Semester All Branches/Subjects RTU Question Paper

BranchPaper CodeQuestion Paper PDF
Mechanical Engineering5ME1AHeat Transfer
5ME2ADynamics of Machines
5ME3AMeasurement & Metrology
5ME4AQuality Assurance and Reliability
5E6205Sociology and Elements of Economics for Engineers
5ME6.1AComputer-Aided Design & Graphics
5ME6.2AAutomobile Engineering
Electrical Engineering5EE1APower Electronics
5EE2AMicroprocessors & Computer Architecture
5E5043Control System
5E5044DataBase Management System
5EE5ATransmission and Distribution of Electrical Power
5E5047Principal of Communication System
5EE4(O)Generation of Electrical Power
Electronics And Communication Engineering5EC1ASignal & Systems
5EC3ATelecommunication Engineering
5EC4AAnalog Communication
5EC5AMicrowave Engineering I
5EC6.2AAdvanced-Data Structures
Computer Science5CS1AComputer Architecture
5CS2ADigital Logic Design
5CS3ATelecommunication Fundamentals
5CS4ADataBase Management System
5CS5AOperating System
5CS6.1Advanced-Data Structure
5CS6.2ADigital Signal Processing
5E5108Information Theory & Coding
Civil Engineering5CE1ATheory of Structure-I
5CE2AEnvironmental Engineering-I
5CE3AGeotechnical Engineering-I
5CE5ABuilding Design
5E5066Ground Improvement Techniques
5CE6.3ASolid Waste Management
5CE2(O)Concrete Structure I
5CE3(O)Steel Structures I
5CE5(O)Quantity Surveying & Valuation

Third Year – 6th Semester All Branches/Subjects RTU Question Paper

BranchPaper CodeQuestion Paper PDF
Electrical Engineering6E3086Microprocessor and Microcontroller
6E3109Modern Control Theory
6E3110High Voltage Engineering
6E3112Advanced Power Electronics
6E3113Data Structures in C
6E3115Power System Instrumentation
6E6075Smart Grid Technology
Mechanical Engineering6E3049Design of Machine Elements-II
6E3051Manufacturing Science and Technology
6E3052Noise, Vibration, and Harshness
6E3052Newer Machining Methods
6E3052Mechatronics Common with ME, PI
6E3052Steam Engineering
6E3052Non Destructive Evaluation and Testing Common with PI
Civil Engineering6E3032Theory of Structures-II
6E3033Concrete Structure-II
6E3036Transportation Engineering-I
6E3038remote Sensing and GIS (Elective)
Computer Engineering6E3201Computer Networks Common to IT
6E3202Design and Analysis of Algorithms
6E3203Theory of Computation Common to IT
6E3207Artificial Intelligence
Computer Science Engineering6E6025 Embedded System Design
6E6026Advanced Topics in Operating Systems
Electronics And Communication Engineering6E3085Microwave Engineering-II
6E3044Industrial Electronics
6E3089Digital Communication
6E3090Control System
6E3093Optimization Techniques

Fourth Year – 7th Semester All Branches/Subjects RTU Question Paper

BranchPaper CodeQuestion Paper PDF
Mechanical Engineering7ME1AFinite Element Methods
7ME2ARefrigeration & Air Conditioning
7ME3AOperation Research
7ME5AOperation Management
7ME6.3ACNC Machine and Programming
7ME5Production Development and Launching
Electronics And Communication Engineering7EC1AAntenna & Wave Propagation
7EI2ADigital Signal Processing
7EI3ADigital Image Processing
Wireless Communication
7E4048VLSI Design
Electrical Engineering7EX1APower System Planning
Power System Analysis
Artificial Intelligence Techniques
Non-Conventional Energy Source
7EX5APower System Engineering
7E4177Computer-Aided Design of Electrical Machines
Economics Operation of Power Systems
Computer Science & Engineering7CS1ACloud Computing
7CS2AInformation System Security
7CS3AData Mining and Ware Housing
7CS4AComputer-Aided Design for VLSI
7CS5ACompiler Construction
7CS6.1AAdvanced Database Management System
7E7038Data Compression Techniques
Civil Engineering7CE1AWater Resources Engineering-I
7CE2ADesign of Steel Structure-I
7CE3ADesign of Concrete Structures-II
7CE4ATransportation Engineering-II
7CE5AApplication of Numerical Method in Civil Engg.
7CE6.3ARural Water Supply and Sanitation

Fourth Year – 8th Semester All Branches/Subjects RTU Question Paper

BranchPaper CodeQuestion Paper PDF
Civil Engineering8E4031Geotechnical Engineering-II
8E4032Water Resources Engineering-II
8E4033Project Planning and Construction Management
8E4035Advanced Foundation Engineering
8E4036Advance Transportation Engineering
Computer Science8E5001Mobile Computing
8E5002Information System Securities
8E5003Distributed System
8E5005Real-time System
Electronics And Communication Engineering8E4088Computer Networks
8E4089Radar & TV Engineering
8E4090Optical Engineering
8E8023MEMS and Nanotechnology
8E8026MicroController and Embedded Systems
Electrical Engineering8E4109EHV AC/DC Transmission
8E4110Electric Device and Their Control
8E4111Switchgear and Protection
8E4112Non-Conventional Energy Services
Electrical and Electronics Engineering8E8042Electric Drives & Their Control
Electronic Instrumentation and Control Engineer 8E4099Wireless Communication
8E8103Distributed Control Systems
 8E4096Instrumentation in Industries Common in 8EI1 & 8AI1
 8E8104Wireless Communication
8E8102Non-Linear Control Systems
8E8101Industrial Electronics
Information Technology8E5007/8E8061Software Testing Validation
8E5008Data Compression Techniques
Mechanical Engineering8E4049Renewable Energy Technology
8E4050Operations Management
8E4051Gas Turbine and Gas Power Plant
8E4052Reliability and Maintenance Engg.
8E8073Power Generation
8E8072Laws for Engineers
 8E8074Product Developer and Launching
 8E8071Computer Integrated Manufacturing System

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